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"M.J. Rose has done it again. She presents a story so intricate and mesmerizing that the reader can get lost in the pages... an excellent choice for avid book clubbers to discuss and debate." Free Lance-Star

"Reincarnation, poison, magic, astrology and deft descriptions of the whys and wherefores of the fascinating world of fragrances waft their way through this tale of greed, love lost and regained, and the passionate search for immortality in a lush story sure to please." —Historical Novel Society

"M.J. Rose's latest novel is breathtaking...combines fascinating history, torrid romance and a compelling mystery into a marvelous package that will entice fans of Anne Rice and Diana original reading experience." —Associated Press (Read full review)

"Gripping—a suspenseful and enigmatic story... Best-selling author Rose has created a captivating world...a compelling, imaginative look at one woman's intersection with history." Kirkus

"Rose's latest venture into myth and reality is a page-turning, alluring concoction of fiction infused with fantastical yet actual history. Readers will be charmed by her well-drawn and memorable characters, and they will be mesmerized by her enchanting narrative, which takes them on a mystical and magical journey." Library Journal (Starred)

"Vividly portrayed...Crisp, evocative prose." Publishers Weekly

"Rose masterfully combines romance, mystery, and dual timelines...The storyline and extensive historical details...are fascinating." Romantic Times TOP PICK

"A terrific piece of entertainment." CT Post

"Mysterious, magical, and mythical. What a joy to read!" New York Times Bestseller, Sara Gruen, Water For Elephants

"With an alchemist's skill, M.J. Rose mixes present and past with the dark scent of love and an intricate mystery, creating a blend that is splendidly, spookily magical." New York Times bestseller, Susanna Kearsley

"M.J. Rose masterfully serves up suspense with generous sides of philosophy and intrigue.  A lavish and satisfying banquet of a book!"   —Lynn Cullen, bestselling author of Mrs. Poe

"History, mystery, ambition, lust, love, death and the timeless quest for immortality — a riveting tale of suspense." New York Times bestseller, B. A. Shapiro, The Art Forger

"A superb tale of two people separated by centuries yet linked by a haunting secret. Poison, obsession and undying love have never been so enticing — or so lethal." —C.W. Gortner, The Confessions of Catherine de Medici

"A sensual, entertaining tale of perfume, passion and revenge in the court of Catherine de Medici and in modern France." —

"Wondrously original, elegantly written... Few other writers, other than Anne Rice, have ever dared to flaunt the impossible with such class and consistency. Rose, for her part, manages to utterly suspend our disbelief in a book that leaves us, appropriately enough, breathless." Providence Journal

What Book Sellers Are Saying

"I absolutely loved this book! This is the third in a series of artistic suspense novels, and quite possibly her best yet... Rose's writing revels in the sensory experience — delivering fully the scent of ambergris, the feel on the skin of a misting rain, the rich smell of an ancient forest, the velvety touch of moss, and the hidden desires of the human heart. That a book can envelop and immerse our senses so completely is truly a marvelous thing."

"A comfy chair, a glass of wine and a mesmerizing new M.J Rose — what could be better?  How about a tale of passion and the secret of immortality all scented with an exotic mystery.  Dark and delicious." —Marla Alexander, The Book Bin, Northbrook, IL

"I don't think this author has ever disappointed me... This one will be easy to create buzz for and get people anticipating it!" —Donna Denn, Hastings Bookseller

"The Collector of Dying Breaths creates suspense and intrigue with every page, making it difficult to put down. Rose captivates us with a story about relationships past and present, and the basest of human emotions: love, greed, and betrayal." —Stacey Harris,

"The Collector of Dying Breaths is a perfect period mystery.  It gives the reader all the passion,  pageantry, and intrigue associated with Catherine de Medici's court intertwined with the present  filled with the mystery of linking both the present and the past with the search for immortality, a search that abounds with murder, revenge, illicit love, and tragedy.

"I really enjoyed reading another spellbinding historical mystery by M.J. Rose.  She  made me feel as I were a part of the entire quest for immortality,both past and present." —Cathy Blanco, Book Exchange, Marietta, GA 

"This is total escape! Complete, riveting fantasy!

"Rose's descriptions involve not only the sense of sight but also, tellingly, the senses of smell and touch, much less frequently utilized by fiction writers." —Pamela Grath, Dog Ears Books, Northport, MI

"Full of danger, passion (in both times), dark obsessions, and hope, this is a riveting historical novel that will hold your attention 'til the end." —Lynne Reed, Misty Valley Books, Chester, VT

"The Collector of Dying Breaths by M.J. Rose is absolutely brilliant!!  M.J. is a wonderful author whose talent is just unlimited!  The Collector of Dying Breaths is one of her best. M.J.'s descriptions are vivid and her imagination knows no bounds.  I did not want this book to end. Don't miss this one! Thank you for many hours of enjoyment, M.J." —Cheryl Kravetz, Classic Bookshop, Palm Beach, FL

"I greatly enjoyed reading The Collector of Dying Breaths by M.J. Rose.  The element of reincarnation/time travel provided an interesting mix of characters to follow, both past and present." —Melissa Atkinson, Read It Again Bookstore  

"For fans of historical fiction, mixed with magic, and a healthy dose of good old fashioned fun." —Valerie Koehler, Blue Willow Bookshop, Houston, TX

"M.J. Rose writes like nobody else. This novel is a wild romp with a 500 year old mystery.  Perfume itself seems to become a character in the book , itself an hypnotic blend of alchemy, science, medicine, magic, ghosts, intrigue, murder, romance, reincarnation and time travel.  What fun! I had a wonderful time reading this." —Nancy Scheemaker, Northshire Bookstore, Saratoga Springs, NY

"A heady mixture of secrets, passion, ambition and love spanning five hundred years.  A woman reluctantly pulled into past lives, against her rational instincts,  but finding herself compelled to uncover truths about Catherine de Medici's perfumer, in an era when perfume and poison went hand in glove." Nicola's Books, Ann Arbor, MI

"I am riveted! The storyline is reminiscent of Robert Girardi's Madeline's Ghost (which I LOVED) A place where scent and memories connect, and ephemeral travel between time and worlds, past and present. An intermingling of ghosts and present-day characters. And how could I not LOVE the time and setting of the Medici's and DaVinci? I was entranced by the scents, ancient gardens and the alchemy of perfumes." —Natacha Liuzzi, Brown Dog Books & Gifts, Hinesburg, VT

What Bloggers Are Saying

"The perfect blend of suspense, Gothic, mysticism and historical fiction.  Rose is a true artisan as she handcrafts a world created on smells, sounds, feelings and memory.

"The Collector is a vibrant and vivid novel that illuminates the path to immortality and the legacies we leave behind.  You will finish and wonder about the love you feel for your family, friends and even yourself." —Bookalicious Mama, Click to read

"I invite you to read this book and enter in the quest for immortality. The book has everything : romance, intrigues, passion, death, adventures, mystery and history. Bravo... M.J.Rose" —Pricess of Eboli, Click to read

"A wonderful book of intrigue, sensuality and  deadly passion. A must read for any true romantic. It is full of love, hate, obsession and finally fulfillment.

"It is to die for." —KinxBookNook, Click to read

"Haunting and sensual" —Diary of an Eccentric, Click to read

"Completely absorbed in exquisite storytelling, reading M.J. Rose's The Collector of Dying Breaths kept me captivated to the point I didn't want to have to go to sleep." —Hook of a Book, Click to read

"What can I say about a book that was perfection from start to finish? It was perfect and I loved every word...  simply amazing." —A Book Drunkard, Click to read

"A deeply sensual novel.   Exceptional literary suspense with a bit of fascinating history intwined. You will be blown away by her ability to draw you in — and I do mean draw you in. I finished the last half of the book while sitting for FOUR hours at the DMV and almost missed my turn because I was reading and so lost inside The Collector of Dying Breaths! " —The Novel Life, Click to read

"M.J. Rose has managed to imbue the world of perfume creation with a mystique and grandeur that draws readers in much the same manner that an enticing scent on warm skin draws a lover. This is an engrossing and stimulating read that is sure to pique your interest, light your fire, and stir your soul." —WTF Are You Reading, Click to read

"I you have never read a book by M.J. Rose then you are missing out on an immersive, sensual adventure that twists and turns through time and across the world, one that is laced with mystery, romance and heartbreak unlike anything else I've read." —Luxury Reading, Click to read