In Session

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The Fashion Orphans

Two estranged sisters find that forgiveness never goes out of style when they inherit their mother's vintage jackets, purses... and pearls of wisdom

"A fabulous story that dives into the complicated relationships of family, and offers a stylish escape into the world of high fashion and Chanel. Simply captivating!" --NYT bestseller, Jennifer Probst

"There is grace and redemption in this celebration of sisterhood. There is also the allure of fashion from Rue Cambon to the city that put American style on the map. Anything is possible in New York City, including forgiveness but it is the enduring love of family that you will savor when you reach the end of this beautiful novel." --Adriana Trigiani, NYT bestselling author of Tony's Wife

The Venus Fix

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The Delilah Complex

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The Halo Effect

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Lying In Bed

A modern day x-rated Cyrano de Bergerac about a woman who writes erotic love letters for other people.

"Rose is screwing with literature. And I love it!"
-Susie Bright

"Rose writes erotic better than just about anyone..."

"If seduction is an art, then Rose is one of the masters."

"M.J. Rose writes fearlessly about sex."
-Lisa Tucker, author of Shout Down the Moon

"Rose's work will appeal to anyone looking for a hot and heavy story that arouses while it entertains."
-The Chicago Sun Times - David J. Montgomery

Sheet Music

What don't we know about the lives of others... even of those we love... is a mystery, one which can, when solved, lead to either triumph or despair.

Romantic Times - 4 1/2 Stars - Top Pick
"In this clever meshing of scintillating mystery and romance, Rose combines a young journalist's search for the perfect story with the disappearance of a famous musician. Chock full of suspense and hidden secrets, this haunting, dramatic novel will absorb readers."

Cosmopolitan Magazine - May 2003
"Hot Summer Read... Scorching beach book."

Working Mother Magazine - May 2003
"Must Read. Journalist Justine Pagett becomes entangled in three relationships that eventually collide in this page turner."

Kirkus Reviews
"After three lusty thrillers... Rose again strings a taunt line of suspense."

Flesh Tones

How do you explain doing the wrong thing even when it is for the right reason?

Cosmopolitan Magazine
"[A] Sexy Summer Read....One of the books that'll soon be burning up the beach."

"The story unfolds in a compelling fashion, alternating between present events and flashbacks that provide motivational detail. Readers who enjoy psychological thrillers in the Ruth Rendell vein will find Rose's tale absorbing, especially the multitextured account of Genny's complex relationships with men and the glimpse of the cutthroat dealings among gallery owners. This will be popular with both mystery and general fiction readers".

Kirkus Reviews
"Courtroom drama adds texture and suspense to Rose's third tale of crime, lust, and obsession? Keep[s] the reader guessing?A lush story dressed in upscale detail?with a tight pace and silky surface..."

Katherine Neville - author of The Eight
"Flesh Tones is a tale of multiple obsessions--obsession with painting and sex, with love and death. M.J. Rose interweaves these timeless themes, in a story that gives us a healthy dose of both erotic fantasy and bone-chilling reality."

In Fidelity

Are there certain betrayals we should forgive? Or is every act of infidelity and disloyalty a true crime?

Kirkus Reviews
Second novelist Rose ... offers a well-crafted study of infidelity, wrapped within the context of a psychothriller ... a fast paced-tale ... altogether a satisfying blend.

Publishers Weekly
A suspenseful tale of murder, madness and forgiveness ... an entertaining ... exciting read.

Just Books Newsletter
A spicy psychodrama sure to elevate the pulse rate of readers everywhere. The blistering suspense and steamy plot of this sexy tale are guaranteed to melt away the season's chill.

January Magazine
Compelling, tantalizing, inspiring, mysterious, thought-provoking and erotic... In Fidelity's finely-woven threads connect in a superb plot that thrills and chills on the way to a higher understanding.

Lip Service

When a writing job at The Butterfield Institute - a sex therapy clinic - exposes her to the world of phone sex, Julia glimpses a world that stirs her erotic fantasies but threatens her carefully constructed reality. As she explores her emotional and sexual connections to the men she knows and several she will never meet, she confronts evil, perversity, and her own passions.

Playboy Magazine
A smart, erotic piece of work... risky, unpredictable, emotional. A true and affecting story... intensely erotic. "

"Rose writes erotica better than just about anybody."

RT Four Stars
"Although highly sensuous, Lip Service isnt your average erotic tale. The novel is an intelligent and well-crafted analysis of a womans personal identity quest."

Publishers Weekly
Empowerment may be Rose's theme, but titillation plays no small part in this novel's game.

Kirkus Reviews
Lust will keep you turning the pages.