The Delilah Complex

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"The second in the series starring sex therapist Morgan Snow is a big leap forward from 2004's THE HALO EFFECT, mostly because of the social underpinnings about the psychology of female sexuality and why it's so unbelievably difficult to accept that women can desire and demand pleasure. But this is, of course, a suspense novel, and one that's awfully hard to stop reading with some unexpected twists to close things out."
-Sarah Weinman, Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind

"Rose excels at creating multifaceted characters and atmospheric, quickly paced stories with a twist. This is all of those things and more." Four Stars
-Romantic Times BookClub Magazine

"If you have had the pleasure of reading this author's first best selling novel LIP SERVICE, then you already know how well M.J. Rose writes. This author has a way of explaining human nature and making you feel that is all very natural, yet still leaves you feeling awkward and uncomfortable. THAT, my readers, is TALENT! This time Rose takes that same talent, then adds in some mystery and suspense. I see awards in the author's future again. Recommended reading." Four Stars
-Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

"THE DELILAH COMPLEX is an exciting who-done-it that grips the audience from the opening scene! The story line is action-packed, but the cast makes the thriller work. M.J. Rose's Snow-Butterfield Institute tales are some of the more exciting series on the market today." Five Stars
-Harriet Klausner

"Ms. Rose balances the elements of her story as delicately as humanly possible. Though the nature of the crimes is sexual, that aspect is kept at arm's length. Amid all the tension charged moments are rare, sweet ones that make Morgan more real to the reader. Her protective instincts for her daughter are touching and warm, adding a human element that keeps the story grounded.
-Amanda Killgore, on the net

"There's one major thing about any M.J. Rose book: Once you start reading, it's difficult to do anything else until you've finished that last page. She's a true master storyteller who never gives you a chance to get bored. As an extra bonus, this book has THE most original and completely erotic pre-sex scene between two people who are genuinely falling in love that I've ever read anywhere. At the same time, Rose weaves a believable spider's net of horrible crimes and you'll never know who is behind them until she decides to tell you. Fascinating book. Highly recommended."
-Beth Anderson,

"As good as the initial book in the series featuring sex therapist Dr. Morgan Snow was, this novel is even better. The reluctant crime solver is once again confronted by ethical problems which preclude disclosing clues to her sometime lover, Detective Noah Jordain, as a series of possible murders take place. Surprising is the conclusion, as it is so unexpected this reader found himself scratching his head in wonder. Of course, Morgan at the end is faced with almost fatal danger as well. The book is a joy, and I can't wait for the third Snow book, THE VENUS FIX, to be published in July, 2006"
-Theodore Feit

"THE DELILAH COMPLEX is M. J. Rose's sixth novel, and broke through my jet-lagged muzzy brain with a snap. Edgy sex has a way of doing that. Members of a women's very exclusive club, the Scarlet Society, come to sex therapist Dr. Morgan Snow for counseling after one of their male recruits has gone missing and a photograph of his lifeless body turns up in the Times. The club enlists men for the purpose of domination, and needless to say, secrecy is an issue for them, even as the body count and matching photos start to grow in number. Complicating Dr. Snow's therapy sessions and sleuthing is handsome detective Noah Jordain, with whom she has a bit of history. She also has a thirteen-year-old daughter, can't cook, loves to garden on her balcony and is happily more dimensional than most protagonists of this genre. The story is suspenseful, surprising, shivery without being gory and--did I mention this?--sexy."
-Marilyn Dahl, Shelf-Awareness

"A thoroughly entertaining book. At the same time, the tastefully done and erotic sex scenes tantalize both the mind and the libido. Rose's work will appeal to anyone looking for a hot and heavy story that arouses while it entertains."
-David j. Montgomery, The Chicago Sun Times