In Session

Synopsis | Praise

"Jack Reacher, John Rain and Cotton Malone, on the sex therapist's couch. Testosterone therapy as high art. What could be better? One of the most original and well-done series of stories I've ever read. M.J. Rose has blasted this baby to the ozone. I don't care if you download it or listen to it. just get it."
- NYT Bestseller, David Baldacci

"I bet M.J. Rose she couldn't get Jack Reacher into Morgan Snow's office. I lost. Find out how."
- NYT Bestseller, Lee Child

"Seeing another side of Cotton Malone, written from another writer's perspective, was eye opening. Needless to say, the subject matter is not something Cotton normally deals with, but M.J. made sure he handled it with his usual smooth, Southern style. I enjoyed the adventure. You will too."
- NYT Bestseller, Steve Berry

"When John Rain considers taking on Dr. Morgan Snow as a client, the danger isn't winding up in a coffin -- it's winding up on the couch. But I made him take the risk anyway, and it was a blast!"
- NYT Bestseller, Barry Eisler

"Only Dr. Morgan Snow (aka MJ Rose) could persuade three of thriller fiction's most charismatic heroes to sit on a sex therapist's couch. The eyebrow-raising results will astonish you - and help raise money for David Baldacci's Wish You Well Foundation."
- International Bestesller, David Hewson