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"Truly extraordinary... with bold and bracing prose that turns a neo-gothic tale into a magical fable of classical romantic storytelling and a masterpiece of historical fiction." —Jon Land, Providence Journal

"Passion and emotional artistry ...[Rose] transports the reader into the past better than a time machine could accomplish. A simple brushstroke or color invokes so many emotions that it is as if one is admiring a painting rather than devouring prose... The history mixed with the multilayers of the narrative will captivate readers." —Jeff Ayers, Associated Press

"An exquisitely written tale of love and obsession... spellbinding... perfect blend of the supernatural, historical and romantic...a tale that many will hold high on their 'keeper' shelf." RT Reviews Top Pick

"Adventure, romance, and otherworldly powers intermix in this satisfying, enchanting work of paranormal historical fiction." Booklist

"Captures the beauty, elegance, tragedy, and enchantment of Paris during the 1920s... explores magic and the occult from a fascinating and creative angle. A sensuous, sumptuous, and spellbinding novel." Kirkus

"The sophisticated and exquisite storytelling draws readers [in]...Unforgettable." Library Journal (starred review)

What Book Sellers Are Saying

"M.J. Rose never fails to seduce me right into her novels, this time with the brilliant depiction of the chateau. I absolutely love this series!" Kym Havens, AN UNLIKELY STORY BOOKSTORE, PLAINVILLE, MA

"Delphine Duplessi is a talented artist but her magikal gifts lead to a tragedy that even her mother La Lune cannot undo. Returning from New York to the South of France, Delphine is plunged into a whirl of artists, opera singers, alchemy, deceit and a love that could destroy her." Paula Longhurst, THE KING'S ENGLISH, SALT LAKE CITY, UT

"The novels of M. J. Rose are always rich in sensual detail, and The Library of Light and Shadow is no exception. Thanks to the author's rich descriptions, readers too will see beyond their ordinary abilities and thrill to the passion between Delphine Duplessi and the man she loves but feels she must protect by giving him up forever." Pamela Grath, DOG EAR BOOKS, NORTHPORT, MI

"Our heroine, Delphine, has a mystical, magical talent for using "shadow portraits" to show her subjects deepest secrets. When this social entertainment turns dark with tragic consequences, she leaves New York City to live again in the South of France, where she encounters problems and troubles anew. This girl just can't stay out of trouble, even with those she thinks she knows the best." Karen Bakshoian, LETTERPRESS BOOKS, PORTLAND, ME

"For lovers of historical fiction and the occult, The Library of Light and Shadow will earn a place on your nightstand. Combining elements of the macabre and the romantic, M.J. Rose spins an intricate fiction sure to satiate your need for adventure." Sarah Karjala, FRANCIE AND FINCH BOOKSHOP, LINCOLN, NE

"The perfect blend of mystery, magic, history, and art. M.J. Rose weaves an intricate and fascinating story set in the 1920s of an artist with special gifts. Most readers won't want to put it down. No worries. This series does not have to be read in order — but once you read one, you'll want to read them all." Joanne Berg, MYSTERY TO ME BOOKSTORE, MADISON, WI

"M.J. Rose's books are rich with little-known history and fascinating facts blended into a fictional story. Her stories are so well-crafted they appear to be real. Her characters become our friends. And she blends just the right amount of supernatural lore into her books to make them interesting. Don't miss this one." Cheryl Kravetz, CLASSIC BOOKSHOP, PALM BEACH, FL

"From the magical pen of M.J. Rose comes a tale of gifts, curses and love. This is another powerful story from an equally powerful writer who never fails to deliver." Linda Bond, AUNTIE'S BOOKSTORE, SPOKAKE, WA

"Anyone who loves historical fiction will adore this enchanting story with its ghosts and parlor tricks! Readers can immerse themselves in 1920's decadence that flirts with spiritualism and the occult. This haunting and beautiful story reminds us that love is more powerful than the march of time." Rebecca Rittenour, BEXTER BOOK AND COPY, MILICA, MN

"Twists and turns that will that hold your interest to the very last page!" Elizabeth Merritt, TITCOMB'S BOOKSHOP,EAST SANDWICH, MA

"A delicious blend of historical fiction, fantasy, and romance. It's another hit for MJ Rose!" Valerie Koehler, BLUE WILLOW BOOKSHOP, HOUSTON, TX