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"Rose's ninth novel has intricate plotting, erotic tension and a didn't-see-it-comging denoument."
3 1/2 out of 4 stars, People magazine

"Photographer Josh Ryder is among the casualties of a terrorist bomb explosion in Rome. But his symptoms are baffling; instead of predictable post-traumatic stress, he is experiencing vivid flashbacks of pre-Christian Italy. Puzzled and troubled by these visual seizures, he begins to connect them with stories of past-life memories gathered by researchers at the Phoenix Institute. Like an archaeological dig, his probe takes him deep into the past, but it also exposes him to threats unmistakably present. An unusually resonant thriller for fans of THE DA VINCI CODE."
- Barnes & Noble

"Rose's engrossing thriller effortlessly leaps to and fro through the centuries. Dramatic suspense and intriguing characters expertly set the stage for this first in a series."
-Starred Review, Library Journal

"A breakneck chase across the centuries. Fascinating and fabulous."
-NYT Bestselling Author David Morrell

"THE REINCARNATIONIST is a riveting thriller - smart, original, and so well written. Rose hooks you on the first pages of the book, where current-day murders pull the reader into ancient secrets and shocking revelations, and keeps you turning till the stunning denouement."
-NYT Bestselling Author Linda Fairstein

"Both unnerving and mesmerizing, THE REINCARNATIONIST by M.J. Rose will excite anyone who's ever had the slightest curiosity about past lives. From ancient Rome's priests to modern Manhattan's art collectors, the story is packed with unforgettable characters, breath-taking drama, and fascinating research, cementing M.J. Rose's reputation as a master storyteller. Pick your millenium, folks. You're in for a timeless ride."
-Gayle Lynds, The Last Assassin

"M.J. Rose delivers a tale that goes beyond chills and thrills. A bit different from her usual fare or anyone elses' ---- it's a delight of intrigue with a clever twist. Not a disappointing page."
-Steve Berry, The Templar Legacy

"THE REINCARNATIONIST carves its own unique niche in fiction. It's is a compelling, ferocious read, an intelligent thrill ride, intricately plotted, with enough twists to keep the reader firmly in M.J. Rose's grasp."
-Robert Ferrigno, Prayers for the Assassin

"THE REINCARNATIONIST by M.J. Rose has got to be one of the most original and exciting novels I've read in a long time, with a premise so delicious I'm sick with envy I didn't think of it myself. The novel's exhilarating story sweeps the reader across the centuries, from ancient Rome to the present day, with stops in between. It will open your mind to some of the incredible mysteries of the past and the greatest secrets of existence. THE REINCARNATIONIST is more than a page-turner-it's a page-burner. Don't miss it."
-Douglas Preston, co-author of The Book of the Dead


With the THE REINCARNATIONIST, M.J. Rose has crafted a novel that is as interesting as it is entertaining. The idea of reincarnation is the backdrop in this thrilling story that blends mystery and suspense together for a gripping read. THE REINCARNATIONIST is an unforgettable novel that will leave you with questions about the mysteries of the soul.
Katie McNeill, BlogCritics Magazine

This is by far Rose's most ambitious work, incorporating archaeology, mythology, eros and mystery into a plotline that is built layer by subtle layer and reveals its secrets only bit by bit. The conclusion, perhaps, is the most intriguing part of the book, by itself a fitting ending yet keeping open the possibility of further explorations into the lives --- past and present --- of all involved. THE REINCARNATIONIST should cause Rose's already impressive and loyal readership to grow one-hundredfold, and deservedly so.
Joe Hartlaub,

"Weaving the past and present together is the fabric of the immensely popular historical-thriller genre. But in THE REINCARNATIONIST M.J. Rose utilizes daring and original thread in stitching together one of the most innovative tales in some time.

Groundbreaking might be an overused adjective, but it fits THE REINCARNATIONIST perfectly. Rose has blazed a fresh trail through [THE] DA VINCI CODE territory, staking her rightful claim to the historical thriller throne.
Jon Land, The Providence Sunday Journal

"A triumph! A breathaking, smart and inventive novel that dazzles while it thrills.Part passionate romance, part rousing adventure, THE REINCARNATIONIST is one of the year's best reads."
David J. Montgomery,
Chicago Sun-Times
& Philadelphia Inquirer

"THE REINCARNATIONIST is a page-turning tale of memory stones from ancient Egypt, a love affair between a vestal virgin and a Roman priest at the twilight of empire, desire and greed in 19th century New York City, and a present-day photographer and an archaeologist investigating soul migration.

"M. J. Rose has written an exhilarating thriller, juggling multiple plots with dexterity and aplomb."
Marilyn Dahl, Shelf Awareness

"We already know what it's like not to have enough time. In her deftly composed new novel, THE REINCARNATIONIST, M.J. Rose shows us what it would be like to have too much time, to be caught inextricably in a fourth dimension web of love, greed, and murder that spanned centuries. This epic novel marks a new level of accomplishment for the author, melding her well-honed talent for suspense and irresistible characters with a compelling historical context. Rose makes time travel believable, romantic, and terrifying. Forget CSI - In THE REINCARNATIONIST, time is the only evidence that matters."
Robert Gray, Fresh Eyes Now Corp.

"M.J. Rose is doing for Eastern religion what Dan Brown did for Western."
Kate Krohn, Blue Willow Bookshop,
Houston, TX

"What more can I say? I was up till 2 a.m. reading THE REINCARNATIONIST. The story is entertaining, believable, absorbing and well-written. The characters are also well drawn and the juxtaposition of time periods is well done and fun. I think Rose handles the "woo woo-ness" about reincarnation in a straightforward style that will appeal to a broad audience. Some of our more traditional mystery customers, and those looking for something different, will enjoy her book, especially after I talk to them about it. I like the fact that there are more female characters in the story, and they're given the same amount of attention. This makes the story more interesting, as I get kind of sick of the single-wonderful-female leads in much of this genre."
Sarah Knight
Merchandising Manager
Northshire Bookstore
Manchester Center, VT

"M. J. Rose plots a new path with THE REINCARNATIONIST. It includes my favorites -- time travel and reincarnation -- with a thriller thrown in to ensure rapid page turning."
Deb Andolino
Aliens & Alibis Books
Columbia, SC

"When religions clash, people's lives are broken and often destroyed. When love is found where not allowed, lives may also be broken. In THE REINCARNATIONIST, M.J. Rose gives us a look at both kinds of pain as we glide seamlessly back and forth in time, following a story of love and redemption.

"Josh Ryder does not know where his visions come from. Is he seeing into past lives or does he just have a vivid imagination born from a fever? When he finds himself following an urge to visit an archaeological dig in Italy, his life takes a major turn and he may find the answers he is seeking. But will the future be kept free of the misuse of The Memory Stones? Only when he solves the mystery of his own past will Josh be able to protect the power that has been handed down through centuries old cycles of love, hate and mystery.

"Rose offers us a striking new vision of devotion and self-sacrifice that can bring forgiveness, even if time itself must be transcended."
Linda Bond,
Auntie's Bookstore,